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What is the difference between Telehealth visits and In-Clinic physical therapy visits?

It’s best to discuss your specific situation with a physical therapist to see if Telehealth could be an option that you may request. Your physical therapist will use their clinical judgment to make a recommendation as to whether Telehealth or In Clinic treatment would provide the best course of intervention towards recovery. In Clinic physical therapy allows for a more comprehensive initial evaluation, along with skilled intervention by your physical therapist, which may include use of manual therapy, access to equipment and other tools to assist the patient in their course of treatment. Teleheath may be a suitable option for patients unable to visit a clinic setting, or for higher risk patients such as those over age 65, or those who are immunocompromised, to obtain treatment until such time that they are able to obtain in clinic therapy.


What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the delivery of healthcare services using technology when the healthcare provider and patient are not in the same physical location. It is similar to an in-clinic therapy session with a state licensed physical therapist, however, the session is conducted virtually over the internet, using a secure and easy to use live audiovisual conference tool called There is no software to download and you can access from any computer, tablet or smartphone via an internet browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. All you’ll need for your device is an audio, video and internet connection and you can get started immediately. TeleHealth Physical Therapy sessions are conducted live in a one on one audiovisual session and last either 30 minutes or 60 minutes based on the type of scheduled visit. You and your physical therapist will interact via a live video session, just as you would in a clinic setting and the therapist will provide patient education, design an exercise program and modify it as needed to ensure your progression in a physical therapy Plan of Care. TeleHealth Appointments are scheduled with your therapist and many insurance carriers accept TeleHealth services as an approved form of treatment. It’s best to discuss your specific situation with a physical therapist and see if Telehealth could be an option that you may request.


How Does it Work for Physical Therapy?

Patients first contact an Excel clinic who will provide you with required consent forms which will need to be completed and then help to schedule a Telehealth visit. Your licensed physical therapist will email you a link with the date and time of when to join them for your scheduled Telehealth session. At the designated time, simply click the link or copy and paste it into your internet browser to open Enter your full name in the welcome box and select “Check-In”. You’ll be prompted to allow use of your microphone and camera. Click on “Allow” and then select “Enable Camera”. You will then enter your physical therapist’s virtual waiting room and you’ll see a message that states “Welcome! I will start the video call in a moment”. Once your therapist starts the video call, your session will begin.


How Can I Prepare for a Telehealth visit?

When scheduling a TeleHealth visit, you’ll be informed of what to expect during your first visit. Since the TeleHealth session is similar to an in-clinic visit, you’ll need to ensure that you have an open area free from hazards in which to exercise and that you have a secure place for your computer/tablet/smartphone to be positioned so that your therapist will be able to view and observe your actions.


Will my insurance cover this service?

The payer landscape for Telehealth is quickly adjusting to a new environment and many changes have recently been implemented to allow for payment of Telehealth services. Coverage varies by insurance carrier and patients can check with their insurance provider to obtain the latest information regarding specific coverage and other requirements. We will bill your insurance company for telehealth services received as per their guidelines and patients are responsible for any applicable deductible, coinsurance and copay. Prior to your visit, we will review our payment process and policies should your insurance company not cover our services. 


How Long are Treatment Sessions?

Your physical therapist will share a plan of care which will include a recommended number of visits. Each visit will be scheduled either as a 30 minute or 60 minute session.


Will I Still Be Able to Receive Courtesy Service via Telephone, which occurred during the March 16 -30, 2020 temporary clinic closure?

Unfortunately, due to the changing insurance requirements from payers for Telehealth services, the latest requirements dictate that the session must be both audio and visual via an electronic device in order to be a covered service. During the period of temporary closure from March 16-30, 2020, until we received additional clarification from insurance carriers, Excel Physical Therapy made the decision to temporarily offer existing patients a courtesy telephone visit to ensure our patients maintained their continuity of care. With the new insurance guidelines, we are now able to bill insurance carriers for Telehealth services and will be unable to offer our telephone courtesy service.


Where Can I Obtain More Information to Find out if Telehealth is right for me?

Feel free to call any of our clinics to speak with a representative to learn more about our Telehealth services and how you can get started by scheduling an appointment. Click here for a list of our Excel clinic locations or call 610-270-0370 and our Patient Service Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 7am to 8pm and Saturdays from 8am to 12pm Eastern. We look forward to connecting with you!