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Our Mission is Your Recovery

Functional Movement Screen

At Excel Physical Therapy, our therapists utilize innovative testing methods to get to the root cause of your problem. Treating only the symptoms may help in the short term, but the injury is likely to return, often in a worse way. To identify the root cause of the injury, the therapist examines how your whole body moves. Two systems are utilized:

Selective Functional Movement Assessment - SFMA

SFMA is a series of 7 full-body movement tests to assess fundamental patterns of movement such as bending and squatting in those with injuries. This assessment identifies specific movement impairments that can cause injury.

The SFMA identifies the most dysfunctional movement pattern, which is then assessed in further detail. This approach is designed to integrate the concepts of posture, muscle balance and the fundamental patterns of movement into a rehabilitation program. From the assessment results, targeted interventions (hands-on therapy and exercise) are used to most effectively fix the root cause.

Functional Movement Screen - FMS

FMS is a quick assessment for active individuals to determine if there are weak links that need to be addressed in a fitness program. The intent is injury prevention as opposed to actual treatment after the fact.

A FMS consists of 7 specific movements that look at how efficiently an individual moves. The specific movements require a combination of coordination, mobility and stability. The certified clinician administering the test is trained to observe the quality and amount of movement of the individual being tested. Movements are scored so improvements can be measured over time. The FMS is designed to detect weak links or deficiencies. These deficiencies are associated with an increased risk of injury

With the FMS, these weak links are exposed and corrective exercises are prescribed, balancing out one’s coordination, mobility and stability. This creates a solid foundation for fitness, work, activities of daily living and overall well-being!

Because these tests expose areas of weakness and risk factors for injury, anyone who has an active job, participates in sports or has active hobbies is an ideal candidate for the FMS.  The test takes about 20 minutes to adminster.

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