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Northeast Philadelphia

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Krewstown Shopping Center

9337-39 Krewstown Road
Philadelphia, PA 19115
Phone:  215-676-6760
Fax: 215-676-3746

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Monday thru Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
Friday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm


Patient Reviews

"Last month I "graduated" from therapy at the Krewstown Rd location where I had been working with Tom for about 2 months.  I had been injured at work as a paramedic in 2015.  My employer sent me to physical therapy and then work hardening at Nova Care for 10 months.  Within 8 months of completing that course of therapy I had a relapse which made a significant impact in my life.  Rather than go through the worker's compensation process again I reached out to a physician and therapist on my own which brought me to Tom.  

 I cannot praise him or the staff at that office enough.  Everyone from the first call to the last day were kind, understanding, and focused on getting me to my goals.  Tom listened to my complaints better than my own physician did and confirmed some of the things I said and felt.  He developed a program for me that not only worked the injured area but took into consideration the effects it would have on the opposing side and ensured I was being worked out evenly.  He pushed and challenged me, if not for that I may not have worked through the uncomfortable moments. 

 Tom and the staff did more for me in two months then Nova Care did in ten.  The environment made me feel like I was there to be treated and I was not a number, or patient in an assembly line.  I was happy to find that I would not be working with technicians or assistants but with DPTs.  If it's not too much to ask I would like you to formally thank Tom through your company on my behalf.  Thank you, and thanks to your team.” - J.S.

"The personal one on one care from each therapist. You're not just another numbered patient. I've used Excel for numerous injuries and they have succeeded and tended all my needs." - W.B.

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