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Amber Nauman, PT, DPT Staff Physical Therapist

Amber Nauman, PT, DPT

PT School and Year Graduated:

Temple University, Class of 2019

Certifications and professional accomplishments:

With a focus on persistent pain mechanisms, I have presented a critically appraised topic on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (2018). I am continuing my academic pursuit focusing on pain neuroscience, disorders of the spine, and sport-related injuries.

What do you like most about being a PT?

I am honored to be a healthcare provider that devotes my first hour session with someone to understand their pain, and how this interferes with their goals. I appreciate that my profession compels me to capture a holistic picture of my clients in order to achieve optimal outcomes.

Something personal:

Each year, I look forward to a trip to a new national park. So far, my favorite has been Bryce Canyon in Utah. It’s such a unique terrain and the Milky Way was so clear over the canyon. Not to mention it’s not as crowded as some of the other parks (looking at you, Zion). 

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