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Time to Get Moving!

The holidays have come and gone, decorations are down and we’re back on track with our regular routines. But, there are those who have committed themselves to a better and healthier lifestyle for 2014 and have added working out to their schedules. The great thing is that once you begin a training regimen and stick with it, the benefits will take you way beyond 2014!

If you are new to exercising, you want to be sure you are shown the proper form for exercises, as well as the correct way to use the machines in the gym which can look very intimidating for a newbie. If you just joined a gym, most will offer a session with one of their trainers to show you the ropes. Some will even offer to set you up with a program to follow. If not and you’re not sure what to do, it is worth the investment for at least one session to get you started properly. The last thing you want is to injure yourself at the start and not only delay your progress, but possibly discourage yourself from moving forward and continuing with the commitment you made to yourself.

Dr. Hooman Melamed, an orthopedic spine surgeon and Director of Scoliosis at Marina del Rey Hospital in California, offers some helpful tips on common exercises to help keep you injury-free and on the move! Something as simple as proper breathing will keep you in control. Click the photo below for more of Dr. Melamed’s guidelines for staying injury-free.