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Joshua Colon- From A Patient To An Award Winning Inventor


Joshua demonstrates his Foot Fixer

Joshua had over pronated(flat) feet and his physician recommended physical therapy.  His mother researched centers and found out that Excel had a great reputation and got him started in our Cherry Hill location. His therapist was Gabriel Rocco, PT, DPT. The therapy was very effective and fun. His soccer cleats stopped hurting him and he started to see a slight arch in his feet forming. Still though when doing the exercises at home he had trouble with his form. He built the Foot Fixer with some help from his father to help him correct his form. He presented his Foot Fixer at the home school science fair where he placed 2nd in the 6th grade in February of 2018. Then he competed with the Foot Fixer at the Coriell Science Fair in March of 2018 and placed 3rd for the engineering division of all 6th-8th graders in Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester counties. He also received the one and only Subaru award for excellence in engineering or physics for 6th-8th grade! He has learned so much about the foot and motions of the foot! What a great way to overcome adversity!


Welcome Kristen Grater, PT, DPT

Kristen is currently seeing patients in our 1608 Walnut Street clinic in Center City after graduating from Temple in 2016.  She has experience in treating 1st rib and SI joint dysfunctions and  uses various manual therapy techniques, including joint mobilization and muscle energy, in her treatment plans. Kristen is currently working towards becoming an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

What is your favorite part about working one-on-one with patients through the duration of care? Working one-on-one with a patient allows me to constantly reassess and react to how the patient is responding to a specific treatment. I can then make any necessary corrections to the program and this leads to a more efficient level of care.

Please share with us your most memorable patient, or patients, and their story. I had a patient who was referred for ankle pain who fit many of the criteria for being at risk for heart disease. As I was doing my evaluation, including monitoring vital signs, I discovered he had extremely high blood pressure. He was not aware of his condition and was not on any medication so I referred him back to his Doctor. He returned to Physical Therapy after his physician started him on proper blood pressure medication. When he was discharged from therapy not only was his ankle feeling better his overall health was better and his Blood Pressure was controlled.

What do you like to do in your off time, outside the clinic?  I am a Maryland girl, so crabbing, fishing, and being on the water is home to me.


Welcome Mike Quintans, PT, DPT

Welcome our new Clinical Director in the Newtown Square location!

Mike has been with Excel since 2014 when he graduated from Widener University.  Mike has been treating in our Media location and is now making the move to Clinic Director.

Mike has presented at multiple national physical therapy conferences on the “Incorporation of Manual Therapy in the Treatment of Post-concussion Syndrome”.  Presented and co-authored “Effect of Instrumental Assisted Soft Tissue Treatment on Discomfort Associated with Myofascial Trigger Points” which was recently accepted for publication in “Body Works and Movement Therapies”. Mike has attended continuing education courses for patellar instability, ACL rehabilitation, and coursework with spinal manipulations. Currently he’s enrolled in Evidence in Motion orthopedic residency program to take Orthopedic Certification Specialist Exam.

Mike treats patients with all types of Orthopedic conditions with an increased attention in the knee and spine. He utilizes various soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques to achieve excellent patient outcomes.

” I enjoy developing relationships with my patients and the satisfaction that comes with helping them accomplish their goals. I believe that a one on one patient approach is the best method to ensure patients achieve their own specific goals.”

Mike played football for the Penncrest Lions, Bloomsburg Huskies, Kronum in the Kronum League with the Jet Sets, and enjoy traveling and spending time with friends and family.

To schedule an appointment with Mike contact us at:


Patty Carafa for #LifeWithoutLimits

Achilles Tendon Injury

Patty Carafa was seen in our Southampton Clinic after two years of dealing with Achilles pain. She is now able to run after her granddaughter!

“Due to an ineffective past experience, I did not have much faith in Physical Therapy!  but after dealing with Achilles Tendonitis for about two years, I was willing to give it another try! Luckily, a brand new Excel Physical Therapy office had just opened in Southampton, PA. I did a quick drive by and was impressed by the looks of the clinic (spacious, well lit,  and clean).

My first positive experience was when I called for an appointment and spoke with Barbara. She was professional and at the same time so friendly. She was understanding  when I had to cancel a few sessions. Best of all, when I went in for my sessions at almost the end of the day it was nice to be greeted by such a pleasant young lady!

At my first appointment I met my therapist, Ryan Mark. He was polite, professional, and knowledgeable about my condition, which he explained in anatomical terms and then translated into “English” He completed my assessment, established our goals and began instructing me on  what exercises to do, explaining their purposes and how to do them correctly. At all times during the sessions he showed concern about my comfort while doing the exercises, checked for proper posture always in a calm and supportive manner which made me feel at ease.

I must say that my new Physical Therapy experience with Excel, particularly with Ryan, who I consider a healer, has been tremendous. My Achilles tendon is 99.9% back to normal, I feel strong and comfortable. I am back to Zumba, Kempo, Horseback riding and what I love the most running after our Granddaughter!!

Thank You Ryan! Thank You Barb! Thank You Excel!”

Lauren Cycyk for #LifeWithoutLimits

Lauran Cycyk Broad Street Run

Lauren Cycyk was seen in our Art Museum clinic.  She came in with the goal of running the Broad Street Run. She succeeded!  Well done Lauren!

“Thank you to Jason and the team at Excel! I really appreciate all of your support, humor, and kindness to get me back on track after what seemed like an endless number of injuries over the last few months (and maybe just a little whining). Because of your good care, I achieved my goal of running Broad Street again this year 🙂  Keep up the good work!”

Teamwork makes the dream work!  Individualized and focused physical therapy plus a motivated patient = success!

Prevent Falls with Healthy Steps for Older Adults in Bensalem

Fall Pic from GET PT First

The CDC says reports that 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling.  We want to help the community not fall!

Join Excel Physical Therapy and the Bensalem Senior Citizens Association when they put on a FREE workshop for Older Adults geared at preventing falls and staying active.  Receive a free lunch, 68 page colorful guide and other give-a-ways!

When: Monday April 18th, 2016

Where: 1850 Byberry Road, Bensalem, PA 19020

Time:  9 am to 2 pm

How do I register?:  Call Carol, Teddy or Bonnie at 215-638-7720



Featured PT – Michael St. George, PT, DPT

Mike St. George

Meet Mike St. George!

Mike is a staff therapist in our Media location.

  1. What is your favorite part about working one-on-one with patients through the duration of their care?   Having the chance to get to really understand your patient as not just someone with a diagnosis, but as an individual. This allows for the ability to understand the complexity of their condition and contributing factors such as personality and character. It also allows for the chance to really get to meet some awesome people.
  2. In your words, what is the “E&A Difference?”   Breaking away from the “rules” and traditional mantra of being a physical therapist by taking things to the next level of addressing an individual’s exact needs as not only a patient but a person requiring help for dealing with a tough circumstance.
  3. Please share with us your most memorable patient, or patients, and their story.   The patients that I remember most are the ones who present to the clinic with an initial impression of doubt. The individual who is not the top athlete or most physically fit and may be considered average with low motivation but comes to therapy and makes great progress. The process of accomplishing their therapy goals also allows them to overcome personal fears and obstacles.
  4. What do you like to do in your off time, outside the clinic?    I currently train to compete in American Ninja Warrior and obstacle course racing (OCRs). This training helps to compliment the obstacles we encounter in our lives.


A Physical Therapist’s Guide to Concussions

Concussions can be a scary injury. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that in sports alone, more than 3.8 million concussions occur each year. There are many symptoms related to concussion, and they can affect your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Good thing the physical therapists at Excel can help treat concussions and get you feeling better. We have 24 vestibular physical therapists (a physical therapist who specializes in treating balance disorders and dizziness) waiting to help you get back to being yourself.


Learn more about how Excel Physical Therapy can get you feeling better…

Click here to read more about how Physical Therapy can help with concussions…

Frank & the Ardmore clinic gets it done!

Success Story - Rob HAround Labor Day, I could not walk, drive a car or carry my one year old daughter, due to a herniated disc in my lower back.  I had seen three different orthopedics and received two epidural shots in my lower spine.  After seeing Frank Rabadam at Excel Physical Therapy, I was running five miles and doing all my normal activities by Halloween.

Eight years ago, I herniated two discs in my lower back playing college football.  Occasionally, I do something that causes them to become aggravated and I have extreme pain down my right leg through my sciatica.  In August, I had a particularly bad “flair-up” and I had difficulty walking and could not drive for over a month (I have a 1 year old daughter who always wants to be held).

I saw three different orthopedics and received two epidural shots of steroids into my lower back.  The results of my eight doctor’s appointments, were an entire bin (imagine a large Tupperware container) of drugs (anti-inflammatories, pain killers, nerve pain reducers, seizure medicine (apparently that helps with nerve pain)) and never was I physically examined in any of the appointments.

I heard through a friend to try Excel Physical Therapy because they see a lot of the athletes from Villanova University.  I called up, whimpering in pain, and they saw me the next day.  Frank  became my physical therapist and throughout my 8 weeks of physical therapy, became my friend.  Frank focused on my hips, rather than my back.  Eight weeks later I am completely cured.  I have Frank’s email and phone in my contact list because if this ever happens again, he is going to be my first call.

Excel Physical Therapy is a great place.  The staff is friendly and the schedules are flexible (my work schedule forces me to reschedule things constantly).  I highly recommend this place to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain and can’t find the “cure”.