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Featured PT- Brad Richie, PT, DPT

Brad joined Excel Physical Therapy in our Bensalem location earlier this year. He is currently seeking his McKenzie spine certification.

    1. What is your favorite part about working one-on-one with patients through the duration of care? I enjoy being able to get to know patient and build a rapport with everyone since you are the only one that the see. You are able to monitor the patient’s progress better and tailor a program to meet their specific needs and goals when you are the only one working with them.
    2. Please share with us your most memorable patient, or patients, and their story? My most memorable patient was the mother of a woman who works in our business complex and was brought in for her knee pain and difficulty walking. This woman did not speak English and was scared about coming into therapy after having negative experiences with previous therapies. She was confined to a walker and was unable to walk more than 50 feet without having to sit or have someone help her. Her daughter stayed for the first few sessions to help translate and make sure her mother was comfortable with staying but it only took 5 sessions for her daughter to tell me that her mother couldn’t be happier with the therapy she was receiving. She said we were the first facility who put forth effort to understand her and take the time to work 1 on 1. After needing to be dropped off at the door for her first couple weeks, she got strong and confident enough to walk to our office from her daughters salon on the other side of the complex to the clinic with just a cane and her young granddaughter. She also felt confident enough to no longer have her daughter come with her, and despite not speaking the same language, we were able to understand each other perfectly and help her achieve her goals. She has since been back to see us two more times for other conditions and says she would never go anywhere else.
    3. Tell us something personal. I was a collegiate track runner at University of Delaware


Gold Medal Performance #LifeWithoutLimits

Joy Oakey who treated in our Media clinic  won 2 golds and a silver at USATF masters national championship track meet in Michigan!!

“I compete with a masters track team at both national championships and at local track meets and road/off road races. However it all came to an abrupt end when I experienced pain and muscle spasms to my left hip area. I was devastated. I couldn’t run, I had trouble even walking up steps… and I was scheduled to compete in a pentathlon at a national championship meet in 2 months.

Thank goodness my sports physician sent me to Mike Groh at Excel. He did a great assessment and diagnosis and we began treatment. He used an instrument to break up scar tissue and taught me how to stretch and strengthen muscles and connective tissue. I am back to training and running. I was able to compete at USATF masters national championship track meet in Michigan and won 2 golds and a silver!

Joy Congratulations on such a great accomplishment and thanks for sharing with us!

Patty Carafa for #LifeWithoutLimits

Achilles Tendon Injury

Patty Carafa was seen in our Southampton Clinic after two years of dealing with Achilles pain. She is now able to run after her granddaughter!

“Due to an ineffective past experience, I did not have much faith in Physical Therapy!  but after dealing with Achilles Tendonitis for about two years, I was willing to give it another try! Luckily, a brand new Excel Physical Therapy office had just opened in Southampton, PA. I did a quick drive by and was impressed by the looks of the clinic (spacious, well lit,  and clean).

My first positive experience was when I called for an appointment and spoke with Barbara. She was professional and at the same time so friendly. She was understanding  when I had to cancel a few sessions. Best of all, when I went in for my sessions at almost the end of the day it was nice to be greeted by such a pleasant young lady!

At my first appointment I met my therapist, Ryan Mark. He was polite, professional, and knowledgeable about my condition, which he explained in anatomical terms and then translated into “English” He completed my assessment, established our goals and began instructing me on  what exercises to do, explaining their purposes and how to do them correctly. At all times during the sessions he showed concern about my comfort while doing the exercises, checked for proper posture always in a calm and supportive manner which made me feel at ease.

I must say that my new Physical Therapy experience with Excel, particularly with Ryan, who I consider a healer, has been tremendous. My Achilles tendon is 99.9% back to normal, I feel strong and comfortable. I am back to Zumba, Kempo, Horseback riding and what I love the most running after our Granddaughter!!

Thank You Ryan! Thank You Barb! Thank You Excel!”

Kenneth Hayes for #LifeWithoutLimits

Below is a success story submitted by Kenneth Hayes.  Kenneth was seen in our Northeast Philadelphia clinic located on Krewstown Road.  His story inspires us to keep doing what we are doing!  It works!  In his eyes – worthy of a million bucks!

“My first day at Excel was full of fear – that I would not be able to run again or even walk straight.  The physical therapist assigned to me was a young lady, very young.  I thought there is no way that she could possibly know anything about my knee surgery. To my surprise – Rachael Gnias is a professional!  Not only did she understand my injury, she filled me with the confidence that I needed to get me through the low part of my life!  I noticed a lot of Excel’s patients are senior citizens.  I have observed the extra care she displays in working with them.

If I had a million dollars – I would give it to her!!

Thanks Rachael!”

Racheal Gnias (2)

Rachael Gnias, PT, DPT

Staff Therapist in Northeast Philadelphia

You won’t be disappointed! Well, thats what our patients say!

“I first came to Excel Physical Therapy as a skeptic. I was wrong to think that way. I experienced whiplash in a recent car accident & figured one appointment to assess my back couldn’t hurt. Through my therapy I discovered just how strained my back muscles were.   I saw results immediately. Excel gave me the hands on experience needed to heal. They also gave me exercises to take home  so that I could further work on my recovery outside of the office. The staff was amazing, putting things lightly. Everyone goes the extra step and always has a smile on their face. If you choose physical therapy, choose Excel because the care, customer service & satisfaction with your therapy will be unsurpassed.”

-J.S.- Satisfied Excel patient

A Quick Note of Thanks

It doesn’t take much to show how appreciative our patients can be! A quick note to Jason and Brian at our Cherry Hill Excel clinic. Fantastic job, guys!

“You guys were all so amazing! I am very appreciative of all the staff for your constant encouragement. A special thanks to Jason and Brian – thanks for
the bruises that ultimately allowed me to get back into running! You guys are the best!!
Thank you!



      Jason Bink                                                        Brian Hrynczyn

Jason Bink Jan 2014Brian Hrynczyn Jan 2014

Some Love for our Chalfont Clinic

Timothy Brown2Another great success story from a happy patient! Nice job Tim! Gooo Apex!

“On September 9, 2013 I was in a car accident, where I was broadsided by another car, who had run a red light. As time progressed I started to have a great deal of pain from my cervical spine, radiating down my left arm, as well as lower back pain with pain radiating down my left leg.

MRI studies revealed some spinal cord compression and I was referred to physical therapy. Being in the medical field I asked a coworker if they could recommend a physical therapy company that was good and close to home. Apex was referred to me by one of our attending physicians. I am very grateful for his recommendation.

These past few months I have had the fortune to be treated in your Chalfont clinic by Tim Brown, PT, DPT.

Tim is very professional (but not overdone!), and knowledgeable. From one medical professional to another, I have to say, Tim never ceased to impress me. He always knew how far to push me without overdoing it, in spite of my incessant whining and reminding him of my advanced age. I can honestly sat I saw measurable progress with each challenge.

When I first came to Apex I was very uncomfortable and in a great deal of pain. Tim worked his magic and my pain levels improved dramatically. I am aware that I will probably always have some discomfort, but I have plans to go resume my activity level to my optimum if Spring ever arrives, as planned.

The entire team at Apex, Chalfont were friendly and warm. I would not hesitate to ever make a recommendation to use Apex for their physical therapy needs.





A Round of Applause for Apex’s Lionville Clinic!

Daniel AllenA wonderful success story for Dan Allen and his staff at our Apex Lionville clinic! Way to go guys!

My Success Story at Apex Physical Therapy and Fitness Center

I had bilateral knee replacement surgery on December 3, 2013 and after spending a week in Bryn Mawr rehabilitation Hospital, I needed additional physical therapy to regain my abilities to walk, work and exercise. I had never been in physical therapy, so at 64 a new experience awaited. To say that I was apprehensive was an understatement. Although the occupational and physical therapy sessions at Bryn Mawr were very helpful, I had little expectation that I would find the same level of care and professionalism at a local facility. I could not have been more wrong. The care and treatment I received at Apex was every bit as professional, plus the benefit of establishing a truly “working” relationship with a therapy professional made my rehabilitation a definite success. Dan Allen was not only the Clinical Director at Apex, but my personal therapist. From the first day (12/16/13) to my graduation (2/27/14) he handled every situation in my rehabilitation with a clear purpose and direction. He was very attuned to the ups and downs of my personal mindset as we experienced much success and a few down days. He pushed when I needed it and I would be constantly surprised at my progress without even being conscious of the strides we were making weekly and sometimes daily. The few down days were handled with understanding and encouragement, but never without reinforcing the purpose of the journey.

Dan and Apex were exactly what I needed and my observation of the other patients over the ten weeks was that they too were receiving what they needed. There was definitely a team and open tone to the sessions at Apex. I was surprised how many other patients would offer encouragement and positive feedback to each other in a genuine regard for each other. This does not happen by accident. In summary, I am three months into recovering from a major surgery and looking forward and expect a full recovery and I can state honestly I would not be at this wonderful point without Apex, Dan and his staff. I would not hesitate to unconditionally recommend Apex to anyone needing physical therapy from professionals who absolutely care about their patients and their needs.


A Quick Little Thank You

Courtney NassOur Society Hill team really made a big difference for this patient! Way to go guys! Woohoo!

“Just another way to thank Courtney, Vi, Brandi, Tony, Adam & Lauren for all of their assistance and laughter in my journey back to back health!

Courtney was especially instrumental in my recovery. I truly appreciate her academia along with her caring and patient personality.”





More Praise for Apex!

Hannah LeathermanAnother great success story, thanks to our amazing PT Hannah Leatherman at our Apex Chalfont clinic. Keep it up, Hannah!

I had been suffering from dizziness and balance problems for over a year when I first came to Apex. I was unable to work and do every day activities, which was very depressing. After working with Hannah for a couple of weeks things began to improve and they continued to improve drastically in the weeks following. Hannah is wonderful to work with, she was very encouraging and an expert with vestibular disorders. I had no idea why I was so dizzy, but she knew exactly what to do to make my symptoms better. I would recommend Hannah to anyone needing vestibular therapy. Apex is a great place, everyone was very kind and nice to work with! I feel like I have my life back again. 🙂