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Joshua Colon- From A Patient To An Award Winning Inventor


Joshua demonstrates his Foot Fixer

Joshua had over pronated(flat) feet and his physician recommended physical therapy.  His mother researched centers and found out that Excel had a great reputation and got him started in our Cherry Hill location. His therapist was Gabriel Rocco, PT, DPT. The therapy was very effective and fun. His soccer cleats stopped hurting him and he started to see a slight arch in his feet forming. Still though when doing the exercises at home he had trouble with his form. He built the Foot Fixer with some help from his father to help him correct his form. He presented his Foot Fixer at the home school science fair where he placed 2nd in the 6th grade in February of 2018. Then he competed with the Foot Fixer at the Coriell Science Fair in March of 2018 and placed 3rd for the engineering division of all 6th-8th graders in Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester counties. He also received the one and only Subaru award for excellence in engineering or physics for 6th-8th grade! He has learned so much about the foot and motions of the foot! What a great way to overcome adversity!