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Kenneth Hayes for #LifeWithoutLimits

Below is a success story submitted by Kenneth Hayes.  Kenneth was seen in our Northeast Philadelphia clinic located on Krewstown Road.  His story inspires us to keep doing what we are doing!  It works!  In his eyes – worthy of a million bucks!

“My first day at Excel was full of fear – that I would not be able to run again or even walk straight.  The physical therapist assigned to me was a young lady, very young.  I thought there is no way that she could possibly know anything about my knee surgery. To my surprise – Rachael Gnias is a professional!  Not only did she understand my injury, she filled me with the confidence that I needed to get me through the low part of my life!  I noticed a lot of Excel’s patients are senior citizens.  I have observed the extra care she displays in working with them.

If I had a million dollars – I would give it to her!!

Thanks Rachael!”

Racheal Gnias (2)

Rachael Gnias, PT, DPT

Staff Therapist in Northeast Philadelphia

Featured PT – Emily Steinberg, PT, DPT, OCS


Meet Emily Steinberg!

Emily is the clinic director of our Northeast Philadelphia Clinic located on Krewstown Road.

  1. What is your favorite part about working one-on-one with patients through the duration of their care? I love getting to know each patient. Hands down my favorite part. Each patient that walks through the door has a different background, story, and need for physical therapy and I love getting to know that need and learning how I can help meet it.
  1. In your words, what is the “E&A Difference?”  The E&A difference is knowing that we have the skills, the compassion and the time to tailor a program for each patient to get them back to 100%.  We dedicate ourselves to our profession to make sure we have what it takes to get patients back on their feet and hopefully they have a little fun while they’re at it.
  1. Please share with us your most memorable patient, or patients, and their story.   This is hard to pick just one.

I will never forget this one patient who not only worked full time, she also cared for her sick husband, her grown children and their children.  I was treating her for her hand, her shoulder, her back and her knee (clearly she was neglecting taking care of herself).  At one of her progress evaluations we tested her grip strength and she had quadrupled her strength without any pain for the first time.  When I told her how much she improved, we both started crying because of how impressive it was. I was so proud of how far she had come and I was so thankful to be a part of her care.  I am grateful to be a part of her life and to take care of her for a change!

Another patient that was very memorable was an 11-year-old with a concussion that I treated for several months through a tough recovery.  I will never forget when I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up.  Her answer: “I want to be like you.”

  1. What do you like to do in your off time, outside the clinic?  I like to work out(Cross Fit) , play with my rescued Pitbull, Rocky, work on my house and spend time with friends and family.

Featured PT – Sarah Tagliavia, PT, DPT

At all E&A Therapy clinics, (Excel PT & Apex PT) we have the best and brightest physical therapists working to help their patients get back to living the life they want to live.  We want the Philadelphia area, and world, to know this!  Today is the first of many posts to recognize the therapists who make E&A great.

Sarah is the Assistant Clinical Director of our Cherry Hill Clinic.

  1. What is your favorite part about working one-on-one with patients through the duration of their care?   My favorite part of working one-on-one with patients is seeing how my patients change over the course of therapy and getting them back to what they love to do. I love developing a rapport with the patient.
  2. In your words, what is the “E&A Difference?”   Quality, evidence based care focused on manual therapy and one-on-one treatment.
  3. Please share with us your most memorable patient, or patients, and their story.    My most memorable patient came to me with lower back pain. She had tried therapy before and even surgery. Nothing had worked and she was in chronic pain. She came to me looking for help. Over the course of her therapy, I was able to improve her mobility, strength and get her back to playing with her grandson and working out at the gym.
  4. What do you like to do in your off time, outside the clinic?    I love running, biking, cooking, and traveling the world. This picture is at Neuschwanstein castle from a trip to Germany last summer.

Sarah Tagliavia - Germany