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Frank & the Ardmore clinic gets it done!

Success Story - Rob HAround Labor Day, I could not walk, drive a car or carry my one year old daughter, due to a herniated disc in my lower back.  I had seen three different orthopedics and received two epidural shots in my lower spine.  After seeing Frank Rabadam at Excel Physical Therapy, I was running five miles and doing all my normal activities by Halloween.

Eight years ago, I herniated two discs in my lower back playing college football.  Occasionally, I do something that causes them to become aggravated and I have extreme pain down my right leg through my sciatica.  In August, I had a particularly bad “flair-up” and I had difficulty walking and could not drive for over a month (I have a 1 year old daughter who always wants to be held).

I saw three different orthopedics and received two epidural shots of steroids into my lower back.  The results of my eight doctor’s appointments, were an entire bin (imagine a large Tupperware container) of drugs (anti-inflammatories, pain killers, nerve pain reducers, seizure medicine (apparently that helps with nerve pain)) and never was I physically examined in any of the appointments.

I heard through a friend to try Excel Physical Therapy because they see a lot of the athletes from Villanova University.  I called up, whimpering in pain, and they saw me the next day.  Frank  became my physical therapist and throughout my 8 weeks of physical therapy, became my friend.  Frank focused on my hips, rather than my back.  Eight weeks later I am completely cured.  I have Frank’s email and phone in my contact list because if this ever happens again, he is going to be my first call.

Excel Physical Therapy is a great place.  The staff is friendly and the schedules are flexible (my work schedule forces me to reschedule things constantly).  I highly recommend this place to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain and can’t find the “cure”.