• E&A Therapy is ranked among the Top 100 Philadelphia Workplaces for 2013 by Philly.com
  • The staff is supportive and always willing to take the time to address questions and concerns. - SSC
  • The hands on work was especially helpful in my recovery. - SW
  • I am now able to do the things I use to do. - SMV
  • Excel has given me the passion for getting in better shape. - ELLA
  • She explains why I need to do certain exercises and the results that will come. - JM
    Cuting Edge Theraphy

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    You have landed on the new web site for
    Excel Physical Therapy and Apex Physical Therapy!

    In May of 2011, Excel Physical Therapy and Apex Physical Therapy merged. While it does appear that we are two separate companies, the fact is that over the past year we have integrated the best of both companies to create ONE company that is solely focused on providing the best experience, and clinical outcome, for each and every patient that walks thru our doors. We are now focusing on those outward expressions of the company, and that starts with the websites. We have now integrated and combined the two websites. Here, you will find all of our locations, staff, and company information in one place.
    Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to helping you get back moving again!

    Excel PTExcel and Apex Physical Therapy is the Delaware Valley’s premiere source for outpatient physical therapy. Each year over 2,000 physicians choose us for their patients’ care, making us one of the most physician recommended choices.

    Our staff includes some of the region’s most knowledgeable physical therapists (PTs); a team dedicated to getting you back to doing the things you love most. We’re the best at what we do. Why? Because we never stop caring and learning.

    Excel & Apex Staff

    Get the treatment when you need it -
    no prescription required.

    Thanks to Direct Access, you no longer need a prescription from your physician to see a physical therapist immediately when you have an injury or physical pain. Check out this new policy!

    Direct Access

    We’re more than just physical therapy.

    While we specialize in out-patient physical therapy and rehabilitation, that’s only part of the picture. With fitness centers in select clinics, Our Excel and Apex clinics are truly a one-stop-shop for overall health and fitness.

    Perform healthier and reach your maximum potential. Excel and Apex Physical Therapy will show you how.

    Whether you’re recovering from an injury, learning how to prevent future or recurring injuries, or interested in enhancing your overall fitness and personal athletic performance, E & A is committed to helping your reach your goals!


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